At the core of who I am, I am sentimental - motivated by the beauty and mess of relationships that make life worth living.



Whether you're eloping in the woods or packing out a ballroom, the past and the future collide in the most beautiful way during your wedding to create once in a lifetime moments that we are honored to capture.

We are a down to earth couple who fell in love with telling the stories of others like us.

I guess you could say we are moment junkies - sentimental saps who took it as our job to pay attention and tell a story.

I picked up a camera when I was fourteen and have never been able to put it down since. Documenting weddings became a natural step for me as I fell in love with the moments that others seemed to overlook:

The first time your dad sees you in your wedding dress.

When your best friend of fifteen years quietly tucks your veil into your hair while everyone else is rushing around ten minutes before the ceremony.

When you grab your new husband for one last slow dance hours into your reception

I fell in love with capturing all of it. And for the last eight years I have been aspiring to do it better and better. I try as best I can to be a fly on the wall for your entire day, coming out to direct when need be. My work is consistent, colorful, and clean - full of candid emotion and always edited in a timeless way.

My heart is meant for this ...

Charlie and I got married on the shore of Lake Quinault in 2013 with twelve of our closest friends and family. 

I am a stay at home mom to Finn and Ellie - they are my greatest joys in life! 

In my free time I am usually reading, cooking, taking the kids out on an adventure, or around our backyard fire pit. 

We love the Olympic Peninsula and try to visit as much as we can! Our favorite places are Ocean Shores, Lake Quinault, Ruby Beach, and Port Angles.